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  • 1791 Natural Canvas Tote
    Item #: BXAM278
    Our natural canvas tote has reinforced handles for safe carrying. This tote bag will hold your heaviest bundles without tearing. The boxed bottom allows it to stand upright for easy filling. Ideal for carrying anything from firewood to your weekend excursion items, and always perfect for everyday life.

    Dimensions: 17"L x 7"W x 17"H

    • $50.00
  • 1791 Liberty or Death Pennant Flag
    Item #: BXAM301
    Made in the USA.
    • $20.00
  • Leather Head™ Naismith Style Lace Up Basketball
    Item #: BXAM283
    LEATHER HEAD™ Handsome American Basketball. This tan leather basketball was designed to replicate the original style lace-up basketball that was used in the sport's formative years. Each ball is constructed of eight leather panels, and a tough rubber bladder. We're often asked if these balls can be played with. This ball is designed primarily for display, and not intended for the rigors of competitive play. Like any basketball, it can be dribbled and shot. It is made from top quality, American tanned leather.

    • $180.00
  • Handsome Dan Leather Head™ Football
    Item #: BXAM282
    LEATHER HEAD™ Handsome Dan is the signature football of Leather Head Sports. Made from rich, supple leather, this ball will age beautifully and become a constant companion. Handsome Dan, The Official Football of Collegiate Tailgating.

    • $130.00
  • 1791 Leather Camp Stool
    Item #: BXAM313

    Handmade in USA
    Materials: brass, oak, hardwood, leather
    Comes with leather carrying strap
    Available in natural leather only

    • $165.00
  • Bush Smarts Carving Thumb Guard
    Item #: BXAM290
    Carving is hard on the digits, and not many of us have the calluses of an old lumberjack. Slip on our tough leather thumb guard and your thumb will be well protected from unintended cuts and pokes. In no time you'll be carving wood with the stamina of a hungry beaver chewing through sweet willow.

    If you've got a big thumb, increase the guard's size by cutting the leather from the small dot at the bottom to the large thumb hole. Now it should fit just right!

    • $15.00
  • Bush Smarts Fire Bullets
    Item #: BXAM289
    Fire bullets are made from highly-compressed cotton, coated in petroleum and heavily waxed for maximum waterproofing. The red "power tip" contains crushed solid fuel for increased ignition.

    4 fire bullets.
    • $18.00
  • Bush Smarts Bush Knife
    Item #: BXAM287
    This knife is rugged enough for the bush but sharp enough for a fine morning shave. Made by hand in Finland, the ultra high carbon (UHC) edge has superior cutting properties and holds up longer than ordinary steel blades. We stitch the sheath with hi-viz red metal wire that will withstand a passing glance from even this blade. Care and sharpening advice included.

    ultra high carbon (UHC) steel blade
    hardness HRC-64-66
    Scandinavian edge
    tuff burled birch handle

    secure "snap-in" fit, no fasteners
    sturdy belt slot
    thick durable leather
    tuff hi-viz red metal wire stitching
    hand-manufactured by Bush Smarts in New York

    • $195.00
  • Bush Smarts Game Kit
    Item #: BXAM286
    Everything you need to play cards, roll dice or scratch your own game on the waterproof score pad is in the tin. We've included the rules for our favorite dice game Man-or-Moose, the best revealer of a man's character! Everything is hi-viz red for easy spotting in a dark tent or around the campfire.

    + KIT
    6 dice
    mini playing cards
    red tipped bush pencil (hand dipped)
    waterproof score pad

    3.75" long x 2.25" wide x 1" deep

    • $28.00
  • 18.21 Pomade
    Item #: BXAM300
    A Modern Mixture with a Classic Finish, High Shine and Medium Hold. Water soluble formula combs into the hair with ease and is ideal for shaping well groomed looks including slicked back, side parts, low pompadour, fades, textured crew cuts and more. Restylable. Never flakes. Featuring the unique aromatic experience of Sweet Tobacco.

    Method of Use: Distribute a chunk of POMADE between fingers & palms and work into wet or dry hair.

    Wet Look / Softer Hold: Work evenly into wet hair, comb through and shape into style.

    More Grip / Medium Hold: Work evenly into dry hair, comb through and shape into style.
    • $24.00
  • 18.21 Clay
    Item #: BXAM299
    A Hybrid of Wax and Clay with a true Matte Finish and High Hold. This gritty, whipped, water soluble formula thickens the hair, absorbs oil and amplifies texture to create an undone, natural finish. Featuring the unique aromatic experience of Sweet Tobacco.

    Method of Use: Distribute a small amount of CLAY between fingers and work evenly into dry hair. Apply to second day hair to add lift and texture. Do not overwork in hands.

    For extra volume: Apply sparingly all over to wet hair and direct the hair using a blow dryer.
    • $24.00
  • 18.21 Paste
    Item #: BXAM298
    A Pliable Molding Compound with a Satin Finish and Medium Hold. Inspired by a mix of Wax, Clay and Grooming Cream. Whipped, water soluble formula provides fullness, flexible molding, sleek definition, amplified texture and lightweight moisture. Featuring the unique aromatic experience of Sweet Tobacco.

    Method of Use: Distribute a small amount of PASTE between fingers & palms and work into wet or dry hair.

    For extra volume: Apply evenly to wet hair and direct the hair using a blow dryer.
    • $24.00
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